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That real musical adventure that navigates you way off the beaten track

A family of producers & promoters based in London exploring the fusion of musical genre since 2001. Incorporating Deep Afro Tech / Broken beats, NU Jazz & Soulful House music + more ‘Experimental sounds’

The evolution of the Broadcite brand has been steady and consistent, navigating its way through past and present music scenes whilst defying the forces of being compartmentalised in to one specific genre bracket.

Operating as an upfront music production house and Boutique record label with events promotion agency attached, Broadcite Music is 100% independent with a strong ethos that supports innovative artists and acts as a springboard for future thinking progressive music. 

Old school brand ‘New’ is the term that encapsulates this forward thinking future music production camp. Founded in 2001 by record collector DJ EXPression and producer T-Roy.

Broadcite Music remains current, covering a multitude of exciting & innovative sounds.

Things sparked off for the guys in 2001 with the amalgamation of producers & DJ’s from the Hip-Hop, Nu Soul, and Boogie scene wanting to push the up and coming ‘Broken Beatz‘ & ‘Future Jazz’ sounds fusing it with Deep Afro House. A UK underground edge mixed with an African Diasporic resonance, the Broadcite camp became instrumental in evolving and supporting these musical movements alongside other well-known UK & International names from the London hub.

Over the years many renowned and highly respected artists, DJ’s and producers on the Future music and UK House music circuit have passed through and contributed to Broadcite events and studio recording sessions, keeping the edge and experimentation at the forefront.  Our ethos of forward thinking sound exploration and experimentation has also been widely embraced by the contemporary modern art scene leading to collaborations with public curated Art house / Gallery spaces from ‘Late at the TATE’ Modern / V&A museum Lates / Greenwich Maritime Museum + many more private visual artist shows over the years. 

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After 20 years Broadcite events are still known to attract a fresh diverse crowd of music lovers whilst maintaining its original loyal following many who have followed since the launch.

Key to the Broadcite brand is the ability to combine a diverse mix of musical styles at the events without compromising the ethos.

Broadcite sound system is still on the road, having enjoyed appearances at various music festival stages across the globe in places such as Ghana, South Africa, Bali, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan + many more amazing locations always building the crowds into a vibrant frenzy with a mix of new and unique archive sounds delivering that real authentic vibe.

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Production House

Broadcite productions camp create our own distinctive vibe with raw uncut Tribal sounds and quality experimental beats.

We are always working with new artists exploring the developing stages of new future sounds and pushing existing genre boundaries, we pride ourselves on creating authentic sounds ahead of the curve, before others replicate.

Our boutique record label and library music platform helps springboard artists from a well-established solid foundation.

Check out our commercial releases on all good physical and digital Music outlets.

For publishing & music library enquiries please use the contact tab and send us your details.

Broadcite Music


One of the most consistent and important underground music nights in London that has undoubtedly played a roll in pushing forward some of the freshest sounds over the years.

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