Asa Baako Beach Festival ,Ghana March 4-6th 2023

@ Ghana

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Alvin Askoolum

10:53 AM (1 minute ago)

to Alvin
We are back 🥳 to spark off another Celebration with the award winning @asabaakofestival (One dance) Ghana 🇬🇭 with a great selection of special guest DJs & Artists ++ friends …

We are giving our energy back to the African continent in which soooo much is taken and plagiarised !!

A celebration we established in 2012 taking place as always on Ghana Independence weekend 2023!!
This is not just a music festival, this is a movement that has been built up over the years to provide a solid platform for FRESH African artists and DJs alongside established creatives…

So many like minded people, all celebrating the African progression while contributing to the grass roots energy over the weekend ✨ Taking place in Busua beach located in the heart of the western region of Ghana, a magical ✨✨ location you won’t forget 😎…
Asabaako means ‘One Dance’ together , More and more DJs 🎧+ Live acts 🎤 being confirmed this week !!
See you there March 4th – 6th @ Busua beach 🏖 🇬🇭 #troyontheset