2001 - 2018
celebrating 17 years of future beatz & soulful music


Founded in 2001 Broadcite are a constantly evolving collective committed to creating unique sounds and vibes through the use of cutting edge music and visual art. A creative boutique focused on 'keeping the grit inside experimental underground music' with more than 10 years experience in events management and venue scheduling. We have worked with venues of all sizes in London and other global locations providing premiere event solutions. Also constantly working on studio recordings / production projects for our commercial releases and publisher friendly audio library.

"Broadcite always have their finger on the pulse of the constantly evolving London music scene and are regarded highly for their musical knowledge past and present" TIMEOUT Magazine 2004

Broadcite productions present an organic and fresh sound based on the fusion of live elements and programmed beats. Hosting a collection of artists, producers, composers and DJs, all with their own style but with the same ethos of forward-thinking musical exploration, covering a multitude of genre, incorporating Afro elements / House / Nu Jazz / Broken beats & Electronica.

Future-thinking yet old skool loving, Broadcite remains 100% independent and is more a state of mind than a club night or record label. Established 2001 to provide that good vibe and experience for open-minded music lovers worldwide. Enjoy the ride !!!

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